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Kishore Rathinavel, Hanpeng Wang, Alex Blate, and Henry Fuchs. An extended depth-of-field volumetric near-eye augmented reality display. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (To appear), 2018.


We introduce an optical design and a rendering pipeline for a full-color volumetric near-eye display which simultaneously presents imagery with near-accurate per-pixel focus across an extended volume ranging from 15cm (6.7 diopters) to 4M (0.25 diopters), allowing the viewer to accommodate freely across this entire depth range. This is achieved using a focus-tunable lens that continuously sweeps a sequence of 280 synchronized binary images from a high-speed, Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) projector and a high-speed, high dynamic range (HDR) light source that illuminates the DMD images with a distinct color and brightness at each binary frame. Our rendering pipeline converts 3-D scene information into a 2-D surface of color voxels, which are decomposed into 280 binary images in a voxel-oriented manner, such that 280 distinct depth positions for full-color voxels can be displayed.