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Call for Tutorials

The ISMAR 2018 organizing committee invites proposals for tutorials associated with the ISMAR 2018 conference. The tutorials will be held on 16th and 20th October 2018, in Munich, Germany.

The purpose of the tutorials is to expand the knowledge in the fields of Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality and foster the next generation of researchers, developers, and artists.

Important Dates

  • Proposal Deadline: 2nd May 2018 (23:59 AoE)
  • Acceptance notification: 10th May 2018


Experts, pioneers, and experienced developers and artists are needed to propose and present tutorials that may target a specific application area, a specific research area, or a topic of general interest for Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality.

Topics can range from introductory for AR/MR/VR novices to highly technical for researchers. Tutorials can be half or full day tutorials, depending on the scope of topics covered and the presenters available.

Submission Guidelines

To submit a proposal for a tutorial, please send an email to wt_chairs[at] with the subject "ISMAR 2018 Tutorial Proposal" and a PDF document containing:

  1. Title

  2. Topics:

    • Provide a brief summary of the proposed tutorial.
  3. Preferable date for the tutorial: 16 / 20 / no preference

  4. Motivation:

    • Explain why ISMAR attendees would be interested in attending this tutorial.
    • Explain how an increased knowledge of this subject will advance Augmented, Mixed, or Virtual Reality.
  5. Presenters:

    • Provide a really brief bio of the presenters', list of several relevant publications on the proposed topic tutorial, and contact information (e-mail, phone, affiliation)
    • If you have taught this or a similar tutorial before, where and when was it taught.
  6. Target Audience:

    • Describe what population this tutorial is targeted towards (e.g., students, industry professionals, everyone).
    • Expected # of attendees.
  7. Outline of Tutorial:

    • Include the order of topics and approximate time for each topic. For example:

      1. Topic A: 1.5 hours

        1.1. Subtopic A1

        1.2. ...

      2. Topic B: 1.5 hours

        2.1. Subtopic B1 ...

After sending your proposal to the aforementioned email address, you should receive an acknowledgment of receipt. Tutorial proposal will be reviewed by the committee, and notifications of acceptance will be sent out after the review period.


  • wt_chairs[at]

Workshops/Tutorials Chairs

Gerd Bruder
Gerd Bruder University of Central Florida, USA
Maki Sugimoto
Maki Sugimoto Keio University, Japan


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