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Patrick Skinner, Jonathan Ventura, and Stefanie Zollmann. Poster: indirect augmented reality browser for gis data. In Adjunct Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium for Mixed and Augmented Reality 2018 (To appear). 2018.


In Augmented Reality applications; user experience is highly dependent on the accuracy of registration between digital content and the real world. Errors in tracking and registration can arise due to inaccuracy of sensors or challenging conditions such as urban canyon effects or magnetic distortions. Indirect augmented reality is an approach that avoid these issues by using precaptured and preregistered images instead of a live video feed. However; indirect augmented reality highly depends on the availability of those preregistered images. In particular; when being used for browsing geographic information; it is important to access data in an omnipresent way. In this work; we propose an indirect augmented reality browser that aims to address these availability problems by combining indirect AR with crowd sourced precaptured street level imagery with geospatial data. We demonstrate how our indirect augmented reality browser annotates buildings and landmarks in the users' environment and investigate the feasibility by analysing the performance of such an approach. In addition; we investigate issues of visibility and legibility when labelling the environment.